Improve Your Order Requirements Setup to Avoid Rushed Deadlines

Avoid orders becoming late or rushed by forcing buyers to provide what you need before ordering.

Pat used to have rushed deadlines because buyers didn’t provide requirements until just before orders were due. Then Pat learned that you can force buyers to send an attachment before Fiverr will let them place an order and create a deadline. Here’s how: From Dashboard > Requirements > “Add a question” > “Get it in a form of:”, select “Attachment”, and compose a requirements question. Be sure to put a check in the box for “Required” above the question text box.  Here’s a suggestion for voice over sellers:

Click to enlarge:

Buyer can try to trick this system by providing something as an attachment (one buyer sent a picture of his foot) so that they can place the order, but then you can more easily get customer service on your side in case the buyer continues to flout the requirements and make completing the order on time difficult.

For voiceover sellers, request “proofread scripts only” every chance you get, so you can say something right away like “Oops—this script has not been proofread as required—I can do it for you if you wish at a discount to my usual cost, otherwise, please send one that has been proofread so I can start recording it for you”.