Teach Clients How To Do Business

Be the Welcome Committee: Many clients need your help in how to do business.

Many of your first clients:

  1. Will be stressed and confused.
  2. Have no experience in project management
  3. Will fail to deliver what you need on time, and continue to procrastinate and complain about problems they themselves have caused.

You need to almost be like a therapist for them.

Fiverr Rates Your Teaching Ability

New sellers are often matched with new buyers.

Part of how Fiverr rates you is how well you do with people who are placing their first order on Fiverr. This is toughest when you are brand new yourself—that’s why you need to prepare and take your first weeks on Fiverr seriously, even though significant money will only come later.

Set Up Your Policies

Prepare in advance with helpful policies and FAQs you can refer back to.

For voiceover sellers, be sure to require a script sent as an attachment before allowing an order to be placed.