Messages To Write BEFORE You Need Them

Saving “canned messages” as templates that you can send quickly is one of your first tasks for being in business. Automate where possible! Fiverr Quick Responses FAQ

If you are selling a service on Fiverr, it is important to respond to every message you receive in a timely manner. But Fiverr lets you save messages as “Quick Responses”, and even provides several “Suggested Quick Responses” (appearing in blue on your interface). You can edit the text prior to sending if you wish.

Share policies and prices early if needed!

It can help prevent negotiation confusion by reframing as simply educating them on their options and your policies, and this can help increase “Communication” rating they give you. You can even keep them informed every step of the way (though not necessary). For example:

“Just about to start recording your script. It’ll be with you soon!”

Require proofread scripts as attachments before allowing an order to be placed.

I’ll get back to you later

When you send a quick reply that you will need to follow up on (e.g. “I’ll get back to you shortly”), click the envelope icon by the message to mark it as unread to act as a reminder to yourself.

Fiverr already has a system in place where a buyer cannot leave a negative review once an order has been cancelled.

Don’t Say / Do Say

Bad: “Let me know if you require any revisions”. Sellers who have tried this found it was as if buyer started looking for something to revise.

Good: “Hello, Enclosed are your files. Looking forward to your feedback! Thanks, Pat Talent”

Bad: “I received your message”

Good: “Great 👍” Five character minimum to send a message. For thumbs up hold WindowsKey and press period “.” at the same time before releasing both.

 Pre-written messages to deal with unreasonable buyers.

Common Pre-written Topics:

  1. Attached is audio
  2. Thanks, I have everything (long and short versions)
  3. Need help?
  4. Word count needed
  5. Addt’l payment needed
  6. Offer sending
  7. Script cost
  8. Pricing – extras needed? A way of pointing out there are more extras they should add without implying they made a mistake, or insisting. “Add whichever of these you need for this project:”, etc.
  9. Leave review plz
  10. Thx 4 REVIEW & Order
  11. Thx for review & tip
  12. Not available (when you limit orders in queue to zero, previous buyers can still request custom offers, and you should have a response ready.
  13. Can I see finished product?
  14. Link to Samples
  15. I’m here if you have any questions.
  16. If fast turnaround: “Please make yourself available to answer any queries once the order is placed and the clock starts”
  17. First contact: “Thank you for the order, I’ll get on it ASAP!”
  18. I’m Ready (for project details: “Sounds great! I’m looking forward to it! I’m ready anytime! 🙂
  19. Buy me a sandwich (request for a tip).
  20. Completed Happy Project
  21. Costs to clients trying to get free stuff

Sneaky Clients

Some clients try to get things free. Mention the cost immediately!

  • FIVERR: “Sure, great idea. I’ll add that, and the additional charge would be $X.”
  • UPWORK “Sounds good. Should I send you a quote for that or just bill hourly?”

Project Completion

However! Double-check before sending a “thanks and reviews are appreciated” message like the one below—it they were unhappy, do NOT request a review.


Your project is now complete!

I’d like nothing better than to work with you again soon! Bookmark my profile and come back any time 🙂

Please let me know if anything needs to be revised after you review the audio.

Mark the order as complete and to close out this order whenever you’re ready. You will also receive the chance to review your purchase publicly and privately if you have the time, which would be a great favor to me.

Also, I would love to see the final product once if you will be using my voiceover in a video! 🙂

Thank you again for trusting me to create the voice over for your projects.

Cheers, [Your First Name]” (Extensively modified from an idea shared by Trevor O’Hare)

Difficult Buyers/Orders: The Directed/Monitored Session Extra

When the order has many nearly conflicting adjectives, suggest a monitored session:

Thanks so much for your feedback! It sounds like you have some really excellent, well-defined ideas about how you’d like this to sound. What would you think about our adding a monitored session, so you can sit-in and direct the recording via S k y p e or Zoom? That way, we can get absolutely nail the style and transitions you have in mind.

Here’s the extra, in case you’re interested.

Another reason to respond quickly:

Fiverr has in the past encouraged Buyers, while they for a response from you, to post a Buyers Request classified job ad. Then when you get back to them they will have several lower-priced offers, causing them to ask you for a price reduction.


Non-Order Complaints:

Messages that maintain response rate yet avoid frustration.

I think your reviews are fake

Reply, wait a bit for a reply, then if no or a further poor response, report and block.

Pre-written Quick Response Wording Idea:

I understand your concern—there are too many scammers out there! Thanks for being in touch. As you can see by checking my gig page, I’m not one of the scammers. Those are real jobs, and all reviews are from real, satisfied buyers. I’m more than happy to provide you with additional evidence of the quality of my work, if you would still like to consider working with me. Have a great day!

Angry, Weird, Inappropriate or Spammy

Reply, wait a bit for a reply, then then if no or a further poor response, report and block.

Pre-written Quick Response Wording Idea:

Thanks for being in touch! However, my apologies: I’m out of the office this week.